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Avoid Being Scammed!

Scammers are not the smartest apples in the bunch. But they do know how to convince people that they are legit buyers or sellers.

Scammers prey on people that over trust other people. They prey on your desire or need to sell your vehicle or your desire to own a vehicle but can't afford the market rate.

By advertising deals that are too good to be true or offering more money than asking they tempt people into making stupid mistakes.

If someone offers you $10,000 to drive them 2 blocks away, you might do it because it is a great deal for you. But people tend to ignore the obvious. Does the person have $10,000 to pay you?

Peple get caught up in the rush. Selling your car for $20,000 when you were only asking $10,000 because the buyer wants you to do him a favor and ship some cell phones and stereos to him in England as part of the purchase.

Wake up people!

These scammers ask you to send them things because they don't have the money to buy them. They send fake cashiers checks and you send them merchandise and wait for their shiper to pick up the car. Of course the shipper never comes, the check bounces and the bank sends the local sheriff out to arrest you for fraudulently depositing a check at your bank.

Now you are in jail! Facing criminal charges and you spent money on cell phones and stereos and sent them over seas to some theif.

You have been taken, because you did not stop to think you were doing something stupid!

Think about the deal.
If it seems strange, then it probably is a bad idea.
If it seems shady, then it likely is.

No matter how much you need to make a sale, no matter how much you need the money, you need to keep a clear head and do not jump at a deal or do extra to make the sale. Use common sense and you wont get scammed.If you get desperate to buy or sell, you will surely be taken.