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Car Search Help

Help Searching For Used Cars

Using The Advanced Search

*None of the fields are required. You can specify as few or as many paramaters as necesary to get the best results.

The advanced search will allow you to narrow your results to vehicles within specific years, distances from your home and in your desired price range. You can sort the results from closest to farthest, newest to oldest or cheapest to most expensive. This should help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Sorting - Ads can be sorted by age, year or price or distance. Selecting on of the sort options from the advanced search allows you to sort the results based on one of those paramaters. For example you may be looking for a car newer than 1990 and between $2000 and $3000. If you specify a zipcode and distance and selcet "distance close to far" you can get all the results in the order from the vehicle closest to your home and getting progressivly further away.

You can also sort by year showing the newest cars first and the oldest last.

If you are checking daily to get the right deal, you can sort the ads by date placed. That will let you see the latest listings forst so you wont have to read through all the ads from yesterday.

Zipcode Distance - If you want to limit searches to a certain distance from your home enter your zipcode and the distance you want to search. The max distance is 250 miles which will search a 500 mile circle with you in the middle. If you are looking for local cars within a reasonable driving range of your home, set the distance at a range you are comfortable with. All the cars in that area will be searched. Note that actual driving distance will be different than the GPS generated distance.

Keywords - keywords will allow you to narrow searches to ads that contain the text you specify. Although a keyword match for "1957 Chevrolet" should return all 1957 Chevys, it will also return a "1957 Pontiac with a chevrolet 350 engine". If you specify the manufacturer from the drop down list and the year range, adding keywords like "leather", "pickup" or "convertible" will allow you to filter the results to exactly what you want.

  • exact - matches the exact phrase

  • any - matches any of the words

  • all - matches all the words not necessarily in any order

Price Range - Allows you to set a range to match. For example if you are looking for a car between $500 and $1500, by setting the start price at 500 and the end price at 1500, only vehicles from $500 to $1500 will be shown.

Manufacturers - Selecting a manufacturer will limit the search only to that make. For example if you search for GTO Tripower, normally, you would get any ad with the word tripower or gto listed. Since many cars have tripower setups you would have to sort through the Chevys and Pontiac. But if you select Pontiac in the manufacturers, only the Pontiac ads will be searched. The default will be to search all manufacturers.

Not Listed - if the manufacturer you want is not listed, then there are no ads in the database for that manufacturer. Each is listed followed by the number of ads for that manufacturer.

Year Range - Limits the results to only the years between the dates you specify. If you are looking for a Ford between 1920 and 1930, set those dates ad the year range and select Ford from the manufacturers list. The results will be all Fords in those years.