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Dealers Web Feed Help

Installing the Web Feed on your website - To add your inventory to your own website it is very simple. There is a simple javascript code that can be copied from your account to your webpage.

The web feed can be configured from your ad management area at allowing for multiple options and designs on your own website. You can use a standard list of vehicles similar to the format on the buzztrader search or use a thumbnail gallery similar to buzztraders browse feature with 9 or 20 images per page.

Changing the page format - To change the format use the webfeed settings link under dealer tools in your ad management console.

Webmaster Notes: for advanced users and developers

No Script - The code we provide does not include <no sscript tags>. If you want to notify visitors that they do not have javascript enabled you will need to add the extra code just below the javascript we provide.

For example:

<noscript>You will need to enable javascript in your browser settings to view this page.</noscript>

That will only appear when the browser does not support javascript. You should include a link to a page with more details and how they can enable javascript on their browser. If you use the perl API rather than the javascript web feed, then it will allow 100% accessibility and there is no need for extensive error messages.

Page Size - The web feed is set for 2 primary sizes. A 600 pixel area for pages 600x800 with a menu on one side of the page. And a 700 pixel width, for pages with no menu.

The main page layouts 1 and 2 have no specified size so they will expand to 100% of the page size. This makes them work well from 500 to 800 pixels wide. if your space is over 800 pixles wide, you should place the code in a table with a width of 800 pixels so the table will not spread across the entire page.

For example:

<table border="0" width="750">

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
var server="";
var que = (;
var user = "sample";
var dealer = '&dealer=' + user;
document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="' + server + que + dealer + '"></scr'+'ipt>');


Fonts - Font colors are defined in the web feed settings. The default will be black if the setting are not changed.

The font face can be also adjusted at buzztrader in the web feed settings to on of the standard internet fonts, arial, verdana, times new roman, courier or comic sans ms.

Querry String Notes

The webfeed uses the query string data to determine what the page is to display. If you use a static page it should not be a problem. However, if you are using a page that is requiring query data then the standard name/value pairs may alter your own page as well as affecting the fields sent to the web feed server.

The obvious solution is to create a page on your website that does not have a querry string and will not change based on the standard input data of the name value pairs used by the web feed.

The search uses more fields than the browse and is more likely to fail because of fields which may also be used by your websites programing. We do not list all the fields becuase they are subject to change as we continue development of the syndicated web feed.