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History of BuzzTrader

The History Of Bob The Bee

To tell you the hisory of this website we must first tell you the history of the founder and president of, "Bob The Bee".

Bob was born to a lower middle class family, attended a public school he was not home schooled.

His father was an automotive mechanic working at a local junk yard. And yes, back then they were junk yards and not automotive recycling centers as they are labeled today.

In his spare time Bob would play video games on his Comadore 64 which was state of the art technology that just blew away his old Atari Pong.

As Bob grew up, his interest in cars grew with him. Helping his dad at the junkyard on weekends and after school, he drove the forklift and helped manage inventory in the warehouse.

Eventually the state was nice enough to issue his his very own driver license and it was time for Bob to buy his very own car. As you might imagine a lower middle class student does not have a huge disposable income and cannot afford a great car.

Bob's dream was to have a brand new Camaro Rally Sport convertible. However the car he could afford was a bit less exciting.


As time went on Bob's interest turned to other areas. Like every other highschool bee, cars took a back seat to girls. And soon bob was faced with having a date for the school prom. Bob was able to get a date with the school hottie "Sue Bee".

After graduating Bob went out into the job market and bounced from one job to another. Eventually ending back where he started and taking a job as a used car salesman. Like every other aspiring businessbee, Bob wanted to start his own used car lot. So he did.

Unfortunately, walmart did not apreciate that it was in their parkinglot and chased him off their property. Bob was forced to look for other ways to earn a living. He managed to get a job as a head chef at a 5 star restaurant, however Bob did not know how to cook and was fired the very first day.

Next Bob tried a few different jobs that all ended the same way, since Bob didn't know much more than cars and video games everything he tried he failed.

It was time to admit that he was going to have to try to make money working with cars. But Bob was unemployable even as a used car salesbee because he had been fired from his last 10 jobs. He was banned from every walmart store and didn't even have reliable transportation.

In total despair Bob did what any other good bankrupt and failed businessbee would do. Borrow more money and start a website. He was pretty sure that the internet could not kick him off. So he paid a web company to build a website so he could sell used cars.

Bob bought a few classic cars to sell, put them up on his website and POW! Nothing happened.

The loan shark that he borrowed money from, yes, loan shark, you didn't really think a bank would loan him money did you? Was now looking for him to pay up or get beat up.

Bob had to think fast or get a faster car and get out of town. He tried selling all his stuff at a local flea market but what he had was worthless.

With no other assets, out of ideas and desperate Bob called all his friends in the car business and asked if anyone would pay him to add their cars to his website. Since none of Bob's friends wanted to see him get beat up, they agreed. Of course, Bob told them that people would buy the cars if they were advertised on his website and that was not true.

Soon the used car dealers were looking to beat up Bob. Unless they could get some action on their cars for sale they wanted their money back.

Bob decided to advertise his website on TV, radio and in the newpapers. Bob's crazy TV commercials and friendly "Crazy Bob" antics made him and instant pop icon as well as bringing thousands of people to his website to buy cars.

Bob quickly realized he could make more money providing advertising for used car dealers than he ever could selling used cars himself. So the concept of BuzzTrader was born.

In June of 2004 Bob launched "". The site was an instant sucess offering free services to used car dealers and captializing on ad revenue generated by the high web traffic of used car shoppers.

Bob is now a wealthy bee and trying to build on his internet empire. He is listed as one of the top 200 businessbees in Fortune Bee Magazine.

Bob had a tough life and worked his business from the ground up. He deserves the respect of the business community for his achivements.

Hell, who are we trying to kid? Bob out ran the loan sharks and kept his ass out of jail, then got lucky when one of his crazy ideas worked. Luckily for all of us that work for Bob, his idea did work very very well. He is a great boss and I am not just saying that to get a bigger Christmas bonus or keep Mrs Bob from firing me.