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A sporty driving style and low fuel consumption have far more in common than might be expected

In spite of all the efforts made being to develop more and more economical vehicles, the biggest factor influencing fuel consumption is still the driver him- (or her-) self. While technical advances may yet be able to bring about reductions in fuel consumption of a further 15 percent (for example by the incorporation of a hybrid drive), any driver can potentially achieve the same effect just by handling his or her vehicle correctly, with an awareness of what affects fuel consumption.

Don’t waste valuable momentum

Most drivers handle their vehicles uneconomically, for two reasons: firstly, they are rarely aware of the techniques available to them for reducing fuel consumption. Secondly, many are influenced by a number of popular misconceptions, for example the belief that driving cannot be both economical and sporty, or even that economical driving creates a hindrance to other road users.

The truth is, there is not as much difference as one might think between a sporty driving style and one that promotes low fuel consumption. In both cases, wasting resources, rather than channelling them into the forward motion of the vehicle, is to be avoided. In short, it’s all about making the best possible use of the available momentum.

Reduce consumption by up to 15 percent

Experience has shown that the following tips can reduce fuel consumption without taking away any of the driving pleasure. Some will sound obvious, and not particularly enlightening. However, when used in combination, these techniques can bring about a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 15 percent. And following these tips will also make sure that driving pleasure isn’t left by the wayside, either.

  1. Change up in good time
  2. Avoid high speeds
  3. Drive at an even speed
  4. Avoid unnecessary braking
  5. Allow the car to coast
  6. Do not run the engine unnecessarily
  7. Start the car without pressing on the accelerator, and drive off immediately.
  8. Ensure the car’s tyre pressure is correct
  9. Remove any unnecessary attachments or accessories
  10. Avoid unnecessary additional weight