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People are being SCAMMED Daily!

Don't belive it, Read their accounts of the scams. These schemes are raking in up to $300 million dollars a year from innocent hard working victims in the US. If you have been a victim of one of these scammers, you can contact the US Secret Service.

We have included this page with personal experiances of the global auto scams. Hopefully reading some of the stories here will give you enough insight not to get caught up in this type of scam. If you think its a scam, just avoid contact completely. These people are criminals and will stop at nothing to get your money. So don't even e-mail them back, not even once. They will hound you, threaten and harass you, after all they are criminals. What more would you expect.

If you are being contacted by a scammer, cut them off. Do not respond to them. It will only get you deeper into a continualy worsening situation.

[ Warning and Information] [ Secret Service ] [ Secret Service Local Phone Numbers ]

Bob Writes - We decided to e-mail one of the scammers and ask them for their information to send them a western union transfer. Of course beliving that we were one of the people they had convinced to send them money they replied with the following info:


Our surprise was that they had claimed to be from the UK and now they are from Nigeria. Maybe they should get their story straight. If you have any requests from this person to send money, avoid it.

Thanks to Bob

Patricia Writes - Hello...
I have been a victim of the Nigerian scam.. not from your web site though... The buyer was from Spain.. he said. Well, he told me he was sending me a money order of $6,000.00 when I was selling my car for $1,500.00 he said the rest was going to be used to export the car overseas. I didnt get the money by the time he told me I would so I went ahead and sold it to someone else. So he calls me when I receive the money order and asks me to please cash it and wire him the money through Western Union because the money order wont do him no good with my name on it.. So nice little me went and deposited it into my bank account.. The next day they gave me the 6,000.00 and I wired him the money.. a week later the bank tells me that there was a stop payment on the money order.. So now I owe the bank $6,000.00.
I am a 21 year old female living on my own, making a bit over minimum... I feel like I am in a hole, the FBI, police, or the bank wont help me. The bank wants their money and have me on collections. If you guys know of anyone that went through the same thing and has any tips on what to do... I would really appreciate it..

Thank to Patricia

Joe Writes - We are in the process of trying to sell a 1960 Chevy Corvair and we ran into some strange problems. After posting the car on one free website we started to recieve mail from people who claim to be overseas. They all seemed to want to buy the car right away. They also wanted pictures even though there were pictures and a detailed description. The first one we recieved said he was from Spain, he really wanted to buy the car, even after we raised the price. He wanted to send a certified check for almost double the amount and then have us send the shipper the rest. We were very suspicious so we decided to write up an agreement for him to sign ensuring we recieve all the money. He disappeared after that. Several others emailed and we kept raising the price higher and higher just for a joke since we were not planning on even selling to anyone outside the U.S. Hopefully we will stop getting these emails, but for now we like playing games with them just to get back at them ! for what they do to inoccent people. So far we got emails claiming they are from New Zealand, Scotland, Africa, England, and Spain.

Here are some of the email names we have recieved: (said he was from Spain) (said he was from Africa)

Thanks to Joe

Pete Writes: We were going to sell a 1970 camaro to a guy over in Holland. It seemed pretty strange when he kept offering more money for the car. We set a price for 20,000.00 and then heard nothing for three weeks. Then he e-mails us that his grandmother passed away and blah blah blah. He wanted to send a western union check and to pick up the car the same day. I felt kind of strange about the ordeal and called Western Union. They would not tell me anything until I mentioned the word scam and then she let it spill. This is fraud, the checks are no good and that's why they try to pick up the car the same day. I outsmarted him and told him I was onto this and informed authorities. If I remember right this was a few months ago his name was Asten and I think he was either at or netzero and his address was not able to be traced. Be on the look out!!!

Thanks to Pete

John Writes:

I had a 1949 Pontiac SilverStreak posted and received 2 inquiries. One from Belgium and one from Chicago. I made the deal with the Chicago offer and it turned out to be the Cashier's Check from Nigeria. I took the check to my bank and asked them to verify it. They were able to verify it was a fake in a matter of minutes. The Cashier's check was drawn on a bank in MT and FEDEX'd from Nigeria. The people are still trying to get me to send them the money. They were to buy the car for $2500 and sent the check for $6000 for me to Weastern Union the difference to her Personal Assistant who would pay the shipper and send them for the car. They are now trying to threaten me with some attorney. I turned around and threatened them with the FBI and Secret Servicewho have both told me to cut-off communication with them.

Her name is

Thanks to John